Finasteride warnings and precautions

Prior to use any medicine you must know all the after effects of that medication. Specifically speaking about Finasteride, there are wide possibilities for users to get addicted to the chemical substances used in the drug.

The doctor does not recommend Finasteride for women moreover who are pregnant or planning for a baby unless. It has been reported that this medication passes into breast milk and harm the newborn. It should not be taken by the child at any cost. Women and children are advised to visit your doctor to know which medication would treat your hair loss problem.

You ought to consult your doctor if you are suffering from any diseases related to liver or if you are allergic to any chemical compounds used in the drug. Any men who are experiencing prostate cancer are highly recommended not to take Finasteride. If you have undergone a recent surgery or done stricture to the urethra, you need to watch out the side effects of having a word with the specialist.

If it is not taken under doctor’s notice, you might risk your health. By doing so, you have no idea about the drug dosage to treat the particular problem. You will not know how your body would react to Finasteride medication by analyzing your health condition by undergoing several checkups.

The addictive traits of this medication would make patient to abuse it. In addition to alcohol, drug interaction might happen and that would not help the drug to perform effectively.

Most doctors will not prescribe Finasteride medication to the patients who have a history of drug abuse or have been addicted to any other drugs. It also not recommended for people who have already tried and left with negative effects.

The withdrawal symptoms of Finasteride will be unbearable to some patients. One should not indulge in the sudden termination of this drug. As this medication has the potential to cause physical and psychological dependency.

Do not take Finasteride if you are on other medication. Some drug might interact with this hair loss med and drive down its working performance.

It is not advisable to try this medication if you have any skin problems or your skin does not withstand the arrival of any chemical substance into your body. Consuming this medication with this condition would damage your skin even worse. You might encounter problems like skin rashes, redness of the skin, red spots on the skin all over the body, lumps on hands and legs.

It is better to take rest after this drug because this medication would cause little dizziness and drowsiness.

The half-life time of Finasteride is 4.7 to 7.1 hours. Your body gets influenced by this medication throughout the period. You should not consume alcohol or other drugs as long as the persistence of drugs present in your system.

In case, if you feel any side effects due to this drug’s entry, you should report it to your doctor. They might adjust dosage strength to meet the desired effect. They also recommend any other alternative medicine.

Finasteride might affect sex desires of an individual. If you are experiencing loss of interest in sexual intercourse, it is safe to bring it to your doctor notice.

Any men who find difficulty or inability to keep up the normal erection should take necessary step to overcome this effect. Your doctor might change drug concentration level to bring back your sexual desires.

You should also watch out for any changes in breast or nipple. In some people, there is a chance of discharging of blood from a nipple. Sometime, you could notice any scaling or dimpling on the breast skin.

Keep track of your weight in a regular manner. There is a high possibility if losing pounds. After administered Finasteride for months, if you realized that you have lost few pounds, it is the right time to take the required action. This might end up in a serious issue.

Unwanted problems like lightheadedness or confusion might also trouble you. There are certain guidelines to consume Finasteride to ward off such unwanted issues.

It is obvious no men under 16 years of age take this drug for hair loss. For elder people, it would not give satisfactory results as their hair follicles or tissues of the scalp will not give a proper response to the drug.

In some rare cases, the effect of Finasteride would get reversed. The scalp may become even weaker to hold the existing counts of hair. People should not confuse this condition with hair fall during early days of this drug consumption. As it starts working by removing the dead hairs. If there is a drastic hair fall after Finasteride, you should ask your doctor to treat the problem.

Finasteride medication should not be stored at cold temperature. It should not keep in the open space where it exposes to sunlight and heat. Moisture environment would alter the composition of chemical content in this pill.

It should be kept away from pregnant women and children. If they have taken Finasteride unknowingly, they might face severe unpleasant effects. In pregnant women, it alters estrogen hormone secretion and causes fetal harm.

Finally, one needs to follow your doctor instruction while taking this medication. Let them know about your medical history during the consultation. Based on your medical history, they would give useful advice for effectively using Finasteride.