Finasteride (Propecia) – What is Finasteride?

What is Finasteride?

Finasteride is the generic medication for the brand Propecia. This is commonly prescribed for treating male pattern hair loss in the scalp area. It also helps the men in treating the symptoms of (BPH) Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and reduce the enlarged prostate in adult men.

It is approved in 1997 for the ailment of male pattern baldness. Already in 1992, it was approved to act towards the signs and symptoms of BPH. For treating both of these health conditions, it is approved only for men. It is manufactured by the drug company Merck & Co.

Let us look in details about the health conditions that are suggested by doctors for Finasteride medication. They are as follows.

  • It prevents the hormone growth DHT in the body
  • Help in improving the symptoms of BPH
  • Contracts an enlarged prostate.
  • Reduces the urge to urinate, proper flow of urine and lowers the nighttime urination

It mainly helps the patients in treating baldness in men and symptoms of BPH. It also helps in other medical conditions that are not mentioned above.

Finasteride is available in the dosage strength 1mg and 5mg to the hair loss patients. It comes in oral dosage form tablet. For male pattern hair loss 1mg oral dosage per day and for BPH 5mg dosage is prescribed for men to take.