Finasteride (Propecia) Dosage Information

Finasteride pills are available in different dosage strength which depends on the individual’s health condition. We all know that generic Propecia is used in the treatment of male pattern baldness that occurs in men. This is available in a dosage of 1mg Finasteride and 5mg Finasteride. These dosages may also be used for other purposes other than male pattern baldness.

The 5mg Finasteride dosage is used in adults to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia. BPH problems occur in men due to the enlargement of the prostate. This medication should be taken once in a day orally through the mouth.

1mg Finasteride pills are used by adults for treating androgenetic alopecia. This medication is best used in the men around the age group of 18 to 41 years old in the temple and vertex of the scalp area.

In general, this particular 1mg Finasteride dosage is used for a duration a minimum duration of 3 months. The extended time period of the medication usage should be administrated under the control of the physician.

Sudden withdrawal or stopping of the treatment in a midway can cause leads to negative effects within few months of the treatment.

Other than this, the medication is used for other purposes like renal and liver dose adjustments.

Finasteride pills can be taken before or after consuming meals, it is based on how the physician prescribes you to take the medication.

It is advised not to take the generic Finasteride in empty hands, you need to have gloves or hands covered while taking the pills, as the outer layer of the medication affects the individual’s skin and may cause allergies.

Finasteride pills are not intended to be used by pregnant women, at the same time there is no standard proof that the drug would affect the unborn baby. Also, this medication should not be taken by people below 12 years old.

Generic Propecia pills should be taken orally, chewing or crushing the medication is not permissible at any cause, as the end result would be very dangerous.

Getting overdosed with Finasteride pills are rare, this occurs only during the time of taking additional pills or taking it in a wrong way. Overdosing the medication for a longer period of time can lead to developing tolerance to the drug and end in severe side effects.

There are several side effects caused by the Finasteride medication, like rashes in the skin, swelling in legs, running nose. In some cases, it can also lead to testicular pain, dizziness. There are numerous other negative symptoms caused by misuse of this medication which differs from each person and also based on the level of dependence on the drug. No matter the severity of the side effects, consult with the physician as soon as possible before the side effects become severe.

Taking the Finasteride medication as per the Doctor prescription will help you to get recovered from benign prostatic hyperplasia and male pattern baldness easily and avoid unwanted side effects.

In case if you are fallen into any of the Finasteride side effects then there are several remedies available like natural therapies and medications to get recovered from complications at times.