Finasteride / Propecia and Alcohol

Finasteride / Propecia and Alcohol

Can you have alcohol while on finasteride treatment?

When you are going to combine Finasteride and alcohol it is sure that you would suffer from severe ill effects. Finasteride with alcohol would result in fatal reactions too. It is a smarter way when you avoid such a practice. Those who already suffer from mental ailments should be very careful and mixing both these would worsen your condition to the core.

The working system of Finasteride would completely be changed and you will not be able to regrow hair properly. When the drug is taken it would prevent the transformation of male sex hormones in to dihydrotestosterone. When you consume alcohol, it acts on the brain and diminishes its activity. When two different working mechanism work your system would get confused thus creating issues for you. In addition to it, the active ingredient of the drug might intermingle with alcohol. They start to react in a negative way which is definitely not good for you at all.

People who drink while on Finasteride would find an increase the ill effects that are triggered by the medication. Some of the side effects that you suffer from are sexual issues, alteration in breast, and nipple discharge. Those individuals who already have asthma issues should know that this interaction would cause your breathing problems to worsen a lot. There can also be fatal conditions so it is not worth taking both these two together.

You have to know that your system can be very sensitive to the ill effects that are caused while Finasteride interacts with alcohol. When you start drinking alcohol you want to limit your intake. Though even the small quantity of alcohol in your body during the treatment is not good we are here to tell that you cannot resist your temptation towards alcohol once you starting taking it. So, without any control you would start to drink more. This is where you would put yourself in danger and you would face worse situations.

This is a medication that is approved to be taken only to treat baldness and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Never misuse the drug for other purposes. Those who consume alcohol while on Finasteride treatment should know that this is also considered as misuse only and you should never do it.

Those who are addicted to alcohol and are not able to control craving towards it should let their doctor know about it. This should be done prior commencing the treatment and not after you are affected by various ill effects. They would help you to restrict your intake of alcohol. When you know the effects that are created while the interactions happen then it is sure that you would take measures to be very careful.

Never hide anything to your healthcare professional. Tell them about the quantity of alcohol that you usually consume. This can help them to come to a conclusion about the situation.

The restriction is for men with any age. Some people think that if they are young they will have strength and immune to withstand the effects. However this is just a myth and never true at all. It is a must that you should completely avoid the consumption when you need to take this hair growth medication. Interactions between these are no joke and you should never play with it.

Since finasteride should be taken daily continuously, it is better that you quit this habit slowly. If you stop consuming the pills you would start to lose hair that is regrown with this medication so take a decision on your needs.