Finasteride- Methods of Administration and Interactions

Finasteride is the generic name of Propecia, a medication highly recommended for treating men with hair loss problems. Different people respond to different medications in a different manner and stopping a medication midway of the recommended dosage just because a person shows quick response or consuming more than required quantities, just because it takes a lot more time to see changes in some individuals, should be avoided. Stopping or increasing the dosage has to be done as per the doctor’s advice after buying finasteride online. Following the dosage that is prescribed by the medical practitioner and keeping the doctor updated on any effects experienced is essential to avoid any severe health complications.

How to consume the medication?

After ordering finasteride online, one should read the leaflet that comes with it carefully to know about how to consume the medication. The pill has to be taken orally and it can be taken before or after food. Generally only one pill is recommended a day, but in some rare cases the doctor may increase the frequency of administration. It has to be taken the exact same time each day and without skipping a dose. The pill should never be crushed, broken into two, powdered or mixed with other drugs or food substances before consumption. The ingredients present within the pill are capable of entering the body through the skin and this is especially not safe for children, pregnant women or those who are looking to get pregnant. The ingredients must be washed off the hands with a disinfectant as soon as one comes in contact with them.

One can’t expect hair growth to occur immediately after getting propecia online and the medication has to be taken at least for three months for some changes to be observed. If the medication is consumed for more than twelve months and the desired effects are not seen, then the medication is probably not suitable for that individual. If the dosage is stopped, what hair was gained during the duration of consumption of the pill is likely to be lost within a short period.


Most medicines consumed for some condition or another can interact with medications taken for other health conditions and in some cases, even with other food substances consumed. This is exactly the reason why a doctor has to be made aware of all the diseases and disorders a patient has or had in the past, all medications taken for them and the information if he has a history of drug or alcohol abuse, in case the drug to be recommended has addictive properties. In some cases, even the diseases and disorders that the family members have or had in the past are analyzed before prescriptions are made. In the case of Finasteride, no such concerns are required, for except for a few moderate interactions, scientific research shows that the drug normally doesn’t have any serious interactions.

Astagraf XL, Cartia XT, Diltiazem, Diflucan, Nelfinavir and Hecoria are just some medications with which Finasteride had interacted during tests and none of these interactions were of significance to cause concern. This is one of the prime reasons, why doctors recommend buying finasteride for treating hair loss.