Finasteride Drug Interactions

Finasteride is a prescription-only synthetic drug so that the chances of drug interactions are positive when you have taken this medication with other prescription or non-prescription medications. Finasteride medication used predominately by men in order to prevent hair loss, and it produces a significant result as well.

As like as other controlled substance, Finasteride can cause interaction when another substance influence the working way of this hair loss drug. In fact, interaction cause side effects which start from mild and ended with severe or dangerous so that be cautious whilst the Finasteride treatment.

To sort out drug interaction, make a consultation with healthcare professional before liable for the treatment and ask him to give a list of contraindication medications or else disclose the treatment or tablets that you have been taken so far.

Potential Finasteride interactions

Finasteride would potentially interact with the medication such as Amphetamine salt drug, sleeping aid pill, aspirin, erectile dysfunction medication, Lexapro, Nexium, trazodone and vitamins capsules which contains the multivitamin. Since alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes with nicotine and other street drugs can make a severe interaction with Finasteride hence if you are using the medicine; it is advisable to stop it.

When Alcohol combined with Finasteride, you may experience unwanted effects because alcohol is one of the substances which make an unpleasant interaction with other medication and the side effects include: drowsiness, confusion, ejaculation disorder, and skin rash.

Besides, Finasteride can also cause some allergic sensation to the user, and the symptoms include swelling in tongue, hives and breathing problems and do not take the drug when you experiencing side effects.  The medication is strictly not recommended for pregnant women or women who are planning to become pregnant in the future and breastfeeding women because the drug can possibly pass through your skin and cause defects to your infect. In addition, children and liver disease people should not take Finasteride because the drug is not trailed for children, and it would react very slowly in the liver disease people so that overdose may occur.

To avoid Finasteride drug interactions, individuals have to consult their healthcare professional before taking this medication so that they would prescribe this hair loss medicine according to your health status. Follow the doctor prescription and instructions very carefully in order to get away from the addiction, abuse, and dependence.

In case, if you are facing the Finasteride interaction, then you should talk to your medical specialist immediately or seek medical help to avoid dangerous health defects.