Finasteride and Pregnancy

Finasteride is also available in its trade name known as Propecia. This drug can be taken by men who want to regrow hair from the scalp. The reason behind men getting bald is due to the conversion of male sex hormones testosterone in to dihydrotestosterone. When this conversion occurs it would affect the hair follicles and hair would start to fall off. This med should not be consumed by children those who are under 18 years of age and women.

Though this medication is not taken by women, there are possibilities for it to affect the fetus. Pregnant women are supposed to be very cautious with this medication at any cost.

It is true that women are not taking Finasteride but do you wonder why we are telling our readers that the pill would affect them if they are conceived. It is time for you to understand about the consequences of this drug.

There are chances that your partner would be taking Finasteride to regrow hair. This is the first scenario. In this period they are not supposed to impregnate a woman. The traces of the medication might pass and affects the child.

Nobody would have imagined about this scenario for sure. Even men who stop taking Finasteride should not immediately try to impregnate a woman. The effects of the med would be in the body at this point of time. So, it is good to try for a baby after a period of six months. This time duration is definitely needed for the medication to wear out from the body completely.

Let us now look about the second scenario. You are a pregnant women and your partner has recently started to consume Finasteride for the treatment. In this situation, you have to stay away from the tablets. In case you come across damaged blister pack, ask others to clean it up and you should not touch it at any cost.

Suppose if you come in contact with the medication with bare skin then make sure that you wash that place immediately. This is very much important as even a physical contact with the medication can affect the fetus.

It is always better to ask your partner to keep the tablets at a safer and private place. Even if there is any damage in the tablets do not clean it up and this is for the safety of your child.

You might question now about whether you can touch the medication with bare skin or not if you are breastfeeding a child. The answer is a No. Since you are breastfeeding a child it is very important to stay away from the pills. There is still the same percentage of danger on passing of the drug to the child through you. Even children are not supposed to come in contact with the Finasteride tablets. Try to create awareness for other people too so that they can be safe from the medication if they are conceived or breastfeeding a child.