Finasteride and its sexual side effects

Based on the clinical studies of Finasteride it is seen that it has serious side effects. One such common side effect includes some sexual problems. Such adverse effects include ejaculation trouble, impotence, and changes in their sexual drive. If any of the discomforts was found report your health adviser about the problem and your Finasteride strength.

Also, some contraindication exists to use this medication. It may be a drug or habit contraindication. Alcoholism is one among them. If you have regular habit of taking the alcohol inform your doctor about this prior to your treatment. This will help him to prescribe the right dosage of Finasteride. If changing the strength not works then the doctor will prescribe alternate medication. This will helps you to avoid facing the serious health troubles.

The chemical Finasteride has its branded medication called Propecia. This essentially causes some side effects. Main sexual effects include changes in their sexual habit. The person exposes lower intention towards sex; it was medically termed as libido. Due to this, the men face impotence and problems in ejaculation termed as Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

The studies say that the changes in the sexual drive include both enhanced and lowered effects. The patient accounted for 1% of Finasteride will face this trouble of increased or decreased sexual drive.

When the patients are subjected to 2% of the medication they will suffer from severe ejaculation troubles. The men undergo delayed ejaculation as reported in the study. Finasteride also develops impotence in men. This impotence is the state of inability to have the erection during sex. Or the men will lack to get the firm erection to involve effectively in sexual intercourse. This repeated trouble in erection will be accounted in patients subjected to 3% of Finasteride in them.

A study report says that the sexual side effects are found in lower range among the overall usage of Finasteride. However, these people feel embarrassed and hesitant to report their sexual problems to the doctor. Due to this discomfort expressed by the patients, it is imagined that higher amount of people may be subjected to this side effects than reported by the study.

On the other words, it is described as your doctor will not know at the time of consultation whether your health will develop sexual side effects to Finasteride or not. As the patient’s health aliments, when exposed to this medication, may cause this sexual side effects. Hence it is difficult to conclude the reason for this trouble.

As a conclusion to this effect, it is given that when a patient detects mild or severe sexual symptoms reach the doctor immediately without any reluctant. When the doctor reported will advise the respective dosage to fix the health issues.