Finasteride Addiction and Abuse

Finasteride Addiction and Abuse

How to treat with Finasteride addiction and abuse

Finasteride is a prescription-only medication and used for the treatment hair loss in men. Since it is a controlled substance majority of the people are getting addicted to Finasteride and facing the consequences day by day. If one gets addicted to Finasteride, then it is not possible to get off the medication even if he is willing to do. Moreover, the Finasteride addiction and abuse cause mild attacks and sometimes severe attacks as well. The risk of severe addiction would make your health condition in a dangerous situation.

In general, the dependency is caused by certain reasons that the use of the hair loss medication for a prolonged use and the increase of dosage strength would develop the dependency towards the drug and make you abuse. Finasteride is a prescription medication which states the habit-form of the drug so that use of this hair loss pill for more than the prescribed period of time would promote crucial effects.

When the individuals are taking higher dosage strength or large quantities or taking the drug in a frequent manner would increase the possibility of abuse and that cause symptom such as the change in sexual abilities particularly lack interest in sexual activities, feeling weak, and dizziness. Besides, chewing or snorting of the medication would directly deposit a huge amount of prime ingredient in the brain; it would make your overdose and cause coma or else lethal ramifications and death as well.

Ordering Finasteride without prescription is one of the reasons which lead the people towards addiction. Nowadays, hair loss medication can be easily obtained from the online pharmacy without prescription, even when you are taking the medication with a valid prescription will also lead you to abuse the drug.

There are some sorts of other medications ease the process of addiction, abuse and tolerance towards the drug hence you should be more cautious with the other drug while diagnosing with the hair loss treatment.

Moreover, when you affected with Finasteride addiction and abuse, then it influences your health system and causes dangerous side effects. Along with that, this hair loss pill may cause drug interactions so that make sure before the treatment that you are taking only recommended medications in order to avoid drug interactions. The Finasteride addiction and abuse side effects start from mild and have the possibilities to turn to be serious effects that include: abdominal pain, back pain, diarrhea, headache, loss of desire in sex, blood from the nipple, cold sweats, confusion, and faintness.

To prevent Finasteride addiction and abuse, individuals have to follow certain factors. Firstly, Finasteride drug is a safe hair loss medication when you have taken this pill under the supervision of healthcare professionals. Hence the misuse of the medication can be minimized. Take this hair loss dosage strength as prescribed by the medical practitioner and never alter the strength without your doctor help and know the procedure and precautions before taking this drug. Keep the drug away from the individuals particularly a person with the history of addiction. Make sure that your doctor prescribes the medical course as a short-time management or else ask him to prescribe for only short-term use because a research states that the long-term use of Finasteride is the major reason for abuse. Along with that, make a schedule for a regular checkup with your healthcare professionals twice in a month so that you can easily avoid the addiction as well as abuse.

In case, when you want to stop the drug then make a consultation with the doctor because they will alter and decrease the dosage strength gradually in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms of Finasteride. If your addiction is severe, immediately get a help from the rehab center.